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January 21, 2019













Principal's Message 

Winter Happenings...

Happenings...Almost like preparing for Winter students are busy with school. Many had presentation and assessments in anticipation of the Achievement Reports going home in the next few days....

Hickory News




Assistant Principal's Message 


Maggie Mabery is inspired by her students each day.  Her teaching career has taken her from urban, Houston, Texas to Manhattan Beach Middle School to Hickory Elementary School.  Her drive to learn is endless.  She is always first in line to try something new and not scared to say, “I do not know, let’s figure that out.”   Maggie Mabery is the 2015 California Teacher of the Year and an Apple Distinguished Educator.  While she was the Teacher of the Year, Maggie met with President Obama, Secretary Arne Duncan, and spoke with Secretary John King. In her free time, Mrs. Mabery spends her time with her husband, and two daughters in Torrance, CA.           


Maggie Mabery

Hickory Elementary School Assistant Principal

2015 California State Teacher of the Year/National Nominee

Distinguished Educator    





PTA School Supply Donation Requests 

Want to help your child’s classroom in some way?  All of your child’s necessary school supplies will be provided by Hickory Elementary and TUSD.  Added supplies will enhance enriching activities planned by teachers and parents.  

Take advantage of the summer “Back to School” sales.  The items on the lists are not necessarily used every day but rather for special projects or enrichment lessons.  Your DONATION IS OPTIONAL but greatly appreciated.  Remember, all supplies will be used for the entire class and should not be individually labeled. 


Hickory's On-Line Communicator -- Important Notice
Hickory communicates to parents weekly by emailing the On-Line Communicator. The On-Line Communicator contains the Principal's Newsletter, school activities, Fundraisers, and external activities. Please update your email address on the powerschool parent portal.

If this is your first year at Hickory, or if you have not previously signed-up for Hickory's On-Line Communicator, it is important that you do so. This will help protect our environment by saving paper, trees, and landfill space. This will also help Hickory save cost on paper and toner which can be used for school programs, activities, and field trips.




"See Something, Say Something"

Don't Be a Victim

Residential burglaries are on the rise in YOUR neighborhood, click HERE to see how you can help.


STOP, WALK, TALK.  Make sure your child understands what steps to take if they or someone they know is being bullied. 

Check out the district's new Family Welcome Enrollment Center.  The center provides parents all the information they need to enroll their student in TUSD as well as information on Common Core, Permits and Special Education along with a host of other services.

Hickory Events 

01/07 Monday:  School resume
1/7-1/11 - Toy Loan Drive
1/16 Career Day
1/21 MLK No School
1/28 Yearbook Sales Begin


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