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December 12, 2018
 About HickoryLibraryLibrary FAQ     

Library Newsletter April 2016


Permission slips outline library rules and student responsibilities. Each new and returning student must
return a completed, signed permission slip before any book can be checked out.

Library Checkout procedures:

- Students are allowed to check out one book during class visits.
- Books are due by the next class visit. Students cannot check out a new book until the previous one has
been returned.
- Students are allowed to renew their books with teacher approval. Popular titles may be limited to 2
per classroom per week and are not renewable. !

What If A Book Is Overdue

If a student is absent or forgets to return a book, do not wait for the next class visit: Please put the book in the “Book Return Box” located in Room 31 as soon as possible. Overdue notices will be sent home with the student. Remember, students cannot check out a new book until the previous one has been returned.

What If A Book Is Damaged?

Accidents happen and books wear out. Do not try to fix any book. Our library staff has special materials to repair damaged books. Please put a note in the book when it is returned and the volunteers will take care of it. !

What Happens If a Book Gets Lost?

If a book is lost or severely damaged, the student/parent or guardian must pay the replacement cost of that book. A notice will be sent home with the student. Please note that some of our books are specially bound for library use so the cost of replacement may be higher than retail prices. Thus, it’s important to remind your child to keep library books in a safe place. If a lost book is found by the end of the school year, money will be refunded if any was paid for replacement cost.

Being a library volunteer is a great way to stay in touch with your child’s class and meet other
parents. A minimum of 80 volunteers are needed to keep the library open. We encourage each of you to
volunteer during your child’s class library hours. Being a library volunteer encourages your child to read
more. You will also be available to help your children select appropriate books for their age/grade level

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