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October 21, 2018
 About HickoryPlayground     

Revised 9/21/2005




School Playground

The big playground is open for 1st - 5th graders at 8:30am every morning. The Kindergarten Yard is open at 8:45am for the Kindergarten students each morning. Teachers, instructional assistants or Noon Aides supervise the playgrounds during all recesses.

Kindergarten Playground Rules

  1. Only kindergarten children are allowed on the playground. Parents and siblings, please say "good-bye" at the gate.
  2. Tricycles must stay on the track. Riders may only travel in one direction. If someone is waiting, go around 1 time only.
  3. The wagon must stay on the blacktop. The wagon is to be pulled, not pushed. Riders must be seated and facing the front. No more than 2 people may ride at one time. Take turns when others are waiting.
  4. We do not touch the lemon tree.
  5. There is no play fighting (Power Rangers, karate, kung fu, etc.)
  6. If you want a turn on the swing:
    • Stand on the blacktop in front of the swing.
    • Tell the person on the swing that you will be counting on them.
    • Count to 10 by counting each time you see the rider's feet come forward.
    • You must pump yourself on the swing. No one may push you. For safety's sake, playing is not allowed in the swing area.
  7. You must use 2 hands while climbing on the geodome (jungle gym).
  8. Jumpropes are used only to jump.
  9. Never throw sand.
  10. You will get one warning. If rules are broken again, you will be benched.
  11. Playhouse toys are for use in the playhouse only. Do not throw them or use them to dig in the sand
  12. When recess is over and the signal is given, everyone is responsible for picking up the playground. Bikes and scooters must be parked, and balls and jumpropes put in the large cart.

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Big Playground Rules

  1. Treat others as you would like to be treated.
  2. Be respectful to those in authority.
  3. Bad language is not allowed.
  4. Stay in your own playground area.
  5. Share equipment - no closed games.
  6. Toys and balls should not be brought from home (baseball gloves are okay).
  7. Do not play in the park from 8:30am to 3:30pm (Monday - Friday).
  8. No playing in the halls or between and behind buildings.
  9. Eating on the playground is not allowed.
  10. Use appropriate manners in the lunch areas.
  11. Do not run on the blacktop except in an organized game.
  12. Never throw rocks or other objects.
  13. Rubber balls and volleyballs are not to be kicked at any time.
  14. Footballs, kickballs, soccerballs, or baseballs are not to be kicked or thrown on the blacktop.
  15. Use jumpropes properly.
  16. Tackling, tripping, pushing, piggy-back or pile-on games are not permitted.
  17. Do not stand on planters.
  18. Balls can be bounced against handball walls, but not against the buildings.
  19. Use the swings in a safe manner. Count to 25 (forward and back) for a turn.
  20. Use of bars for chin-ups only.
  21. Fighting or spitting is never permitted.
  22. When the bell rings, activities stop, students get off equipment, out of sandbox, hold balls, be still and wait for whistle to walk to line.
  23. No drinks or restroom use after the tardy bell rings.

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