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October 21, 2018
 About HickorySchool Philosophy     

Revised 9/1/2006

School Philosophy


School Philosophy

We believe that the role of the school, as that of the home, is to provide firm but loving guidance and discipline to assist the child toward the attainment of the eventual goal of self-discipline.

In order to accomplish this crucial goal, we believe that children in their young and formative years require positive guidance coupled with well-defined limits of behavior. The observance of these limits gives the child sense of inner security, and contributes towards the formation of strong moral character.

The child must know, for example, that s/he will not be allowed to harm him/herself, others, or the property of others. Also, a child will not be permitted to interfere with the learning process. If s/he transgresses these limits, s/he must be prepared to accept the required consequences. Developing self-discipline takes the combined efforts of students, parents, and teachers.

We encourage parents to allow their children to be accountable for school behavior and academic success 

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