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January 21, 2019
 About Hickory     

About Hickory

Welcome to Hickory Elementary!

Hickory Elementary opened in September, 1961 with 278 students. Our enrollment now is over 900 students. It was named for a nearby street. Hickory covers 8.5 acres. The attractive, one and two-story school campus is located adjacent to a city park which increases its sense of spaciousness and provides another area for school activities.

Hickory has over 40 classrooms. The school has a library, a newly upgraded computer laboratory, an art/science storage room, a science kit/book resource room, an art/music room, a resource specialist room, and a literary trailer used for our reading improvement program.

Emergency drills are routinely held for earthquake, fire preparedness, and sheltering-in-place. Emergency and survival equipment/supplies are available on site.

Our PTA has been most supportive in helping us with supplies, materials, and up-to-date information. Playgrounds are supervised by campus aides and teachers during school hours.


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