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October 21, 2018
 AdministrationSchool Guidelines     

School Guidelines



The findings of many current research studies point to the value of regular homework as part of the instructional program. We believe homework can:

  • Increase academic achievement
  • Increase opportunities for developing responsibility, selfdiscipline, and organizational skills.
  • Extend the school experience or enrich a learning activity.

Homework assignments become an avenue for communication between home and school. They also provide parents with opportunities to keep abreast of their children's progress and become better acquainted with the curriculum content. The following guidelines for homework assignments have been established by the District:

Kindergarten 20 to 40 minutes per week
Grades 1 - 3 1 to 2 hours per week
Grades 4 & 5 3 to 4 hours per week

The work and study habits section of your child's report card will be used to inform you if there are problems completing assigned homework. The quality of student performance on homework assignments will affect both the achievement and the effort grades for specific subject areas.



We encourage students to dress for safety and modesty and be conducive to learning. Shoes with high heels or open-toed are not considered safe. Students with pierced ears are should wear studs, rather than dangling earrings, which have been found to be safety hazards during play. We also request that students do not wear tank tops. Parents will be called to bring other clothing or shoes if clothing or shoes are not appropriate. Finally, hats and hoods are not allowed to be worn inside the classroom.



Students who do bring bicycles to school must have proper locks. We do not have constant supervision of the bicycle parking area and therefore cannot guarantee the security of the bicycles and we strongly suggest that students not park their bikes at the park.

If your child does ride his/her bike to school, please be advised that according to state law he/she must wear a helmet. We ask for your cooperation in this matter.

Money and Valuables

Children should bring money to school to meet lunch needs or for other school approved purposes. Pupils should not bring valuable articles either. It is recommended that you provide a zippered coin purse for your child.

Messages to Students/Classrooms

Please use discretion when requesting the office to deliver messages to your child. We do not have direct communication with the rooms. We encourage you to communicate dental appointments or similar commitments to your child before they leave for school in the morning.


Messages To Teachers

Parents should send a note with their child to request an appointment with their teacher. Parents who do not wish to send a note may call the office and a message will be left in the teacher's mailbox or leave a voicemail for the teacher.

The teacher contract specifies that teachers must be on campus, available to parents and students one-half hour before the day begins, and may leave campus when their professional obligations end, at the close of the day.

Parties in the Classroom

Please do not bring food, drinks, etc. for individual classroom parties for your child. We encourage your honoring your child's birthday by presenting a book, game, software or some other gift in your child's name.

Visitation of Classrooms

Hickory welcomes all parents to the school for visitation in classrooms. The following suggestions will make your visit of greater value:

  • Make your presence known by stopping by the Principal's office. This is a state requirement.
  • If you wish to visit and observe a certain subject area, determine in advance the time of day the subject is scheduled. Do this by phoning the office a few days prior to visiting. Try to time your arrival to coincide with the beginning of the lesson.
  • Usually a visit of 20 minutes will suffice.
  • It is our intent that regular classroom procedures not be interfered with or delayed. We would like parents to see as natural a classroom situation as possible.
  • Plan to talk with the teacher when s/he is free of personal responsibility for the children. Please do not try to conference with the teachers during class time.
  • Smaller children should not be brought with parents on visits.
  • Please check with the teacher (if possible) at least a day in advance so you will know what activities are planned for your visitation period.
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