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October 21, 2018
 AdministrationStudent Awards & Recognition     
Student Awards & Recognition

Academic Awards
Hickory students are encouraged to set high academic goals for themselves. Together with their teachers and parents, they review and discuss their specific grade level standards and expectations. Students are recognized by their individual teachers and at school assemblies throughout the school year for their academic achievements. Outstanding Student Recognition Awards, honoring individual talents, not limited to academics, are part of the Monday morning assembly.
Student Recognition
Periodically, a different class is featured and rewarded for being well behaved and cooperative. The Featured Class of the Week is announced at the weekly Flag assemblies.
The featured Class of the Week is rewarded with the following:
  • Early entrance to the cafeteria and a special designated eating area for each lunch.
  • Food certificates from sponsoring merchants
  • Special seating at Flag Assemby
Caught Being Good/Super Citation High 5 Hound
Any student, who is observed doing something “nice” for another person, may be randomly rewarded by the adult who saw the behavior. S/he is given a “Caught Being Good” slip. The slip is then put in a box in the Office. The student is then eligible for a “Lunch with the Principal” drawing.

There are also High 5 Hound slips. With five slips, students can also enter the drawing.
Lunch with the Principal
This program was developed to acknowledge and award children throughout the week for good behavior and helpfulness to others on the playground. At the weekly morning flag assemblies, the Principal will randomly select “Caught Being Good” students to join her on Thursdays for a special lunch or treat.
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